The Gift of Snow

A recent snowfall has created a crystal clear pristine landscape everywhere the eye can see. The transience of the snow seems somehow special, often gone within the hour . The land is changed, it’s previously ugly aspects washed over by a magical carpet of blue-white. The most striking thing about the scene for me is the colour: cool icy blues. Land and water merge seamlessly, becoming hard to tell where one ends and the other begins! It becomes hard to tell what lies beneath the surface. The main sense I am aware of is vision. I am also aware of feel of the biting cold. Childhood revisited instantly: the urge to touch the white drifts of snow is overwhelming.

I took photographs and did a small sketchbook drawing with notes from which to work later. The posted image shows the painting completed from these notes and photographs. A variety of tools were used in the creation of the work: large and small brushes used wet and dry, credit cards used side-on and on the edge. Several layers of acrylic were added and rubbed off in places.

Maxwell Park in the snow