We are all getting ready for the blue moon. There isn’t much hope of seeing it here!  The night sky is cloudy on the big night but hope springs eternal! We can always dream.

On the river, human and animal habitats co-exist and compete for resources. A pale moon lights the river, highlighting the beauty of the river -but maybe all is not what is seems. The river is flanked on both banks by man made structures: industrial buildings old and new on the far bank,  skyscrapers on the near, the distant light of the city in the distance.


Blue Moon

I decide to put my mixed media experiments into something more tangible; a remembered scene from the river which I have painted many times before. The riverbanks bring together land and water. Great progress has been made clearing the river of pollution, but progress is patchy and human impact is not all positive: building, fly tipping, discharge from boats. I decide to paint over another canvas to keep the scene as abstract as possible and to allow me to achieve interest through scraping. White acrylic is added which I will use to maintain areas of light colour by glazing over these areas. Paper is used to add form the to the banks of the river.