A emerging theme?

Exploring more ways to make textured pieces. First tried acrylic paint alone, then acrylic with the addition of texture medium, torn tissue paper and patterned wrapping paper. Colour was then added using a range of techniques: layering of coloured acrylic over previous layers, spray painting and dripping wet paint, stamping using cork ( the texture of this changed as paint fried, adding another effect). I also experimented with the creation of a board using Pebeo enamels which were dripped onto board. Unfortunately I managed to lose the impact of the shine from the enamels after the addition of the spray paint!

However I did like the surface variety it produced. Could be useful for exploring the theme. Beginning to think the title “Not so Blue Planet” would be interesting as a possible theme, splitting it into land /sea and air. The small pieces just complete suggest something interesting for the sea/water element of a pollution theme. The beginnings of a skeletal fish were emerging from the torn paper and cotton buds.

I like the idea of exploring something which may appear initially to be physically beautiful but in further exploration below the surface is ugly.



Not so blue planet